Chains for Charity-2020 USDGC and WNC

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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
CUS1 Contributor (.50 per) $0.00 None 91 Closed
CUS2 Bronze Contributor ($1.00 per) $0.00 None 38 Closed
CUS3 Silver Contributor ($2.00 per) $0.00 None 14 Closed
CUS4 Gold Contributor ($3.00 per) $0.00 None 1 Closed
CUS5 Platinum Contributor ($5.00 per) $0.00 None 7 Closed
CUS6 Stratospheric Contributor ($10.00 per) $0.00 None 2 Closed
CUS7 Galaxian Contributor ($20.00 per) $0.00 None 1 Closed
CUS8 Universal Contributor ($50.00 per) $0.00 None 0 Closed
CUS9 Infinity Contributor ($100.00 per) $0.00 None 0 Closed

Event Details


Chains for Charity

Chains for Charity is a sponsored program for the USDGC and Women's National Championship (referred herein as WNC) designed to raise funding in support of the 501c3 Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE) that provides age appropriate disc golf equipment and programming to schools, camps and youth groups. Chains for Charity also supports Throw Pink that helps get women get active outdoors with disc golf and make a difference in health initiatives like breast cancer awreness. 

How To Play

 Participants will choose a USDGC and/or WNC player to partner with in order to raise money for charity based on the amount of Birdie Points that player accumulates during USDGC tournament play. Besides helping a couple of great causes during the Championship, some sweet prizes are available for choosing wisely and giving freely.

1. Register as a Particpant for the Chains for Charity--2020 USDGC / WNC edition.

2. Pick a registered USDGC / WNC player to root for and partner with to help charity.

3. Choose a contributor level amount to donate per Birdie Point for your USDGC / WNC player during competition. 

4. Tune into UDisc Live during the USDGC / WNC to follow your players Birdie Points in real time. 


Birdie Points--Determined by a players score to Par on each hole during USDGC Competition

ACE = 3 Birdie Points     EAGLE = 2 Birdie Points     BIRDIE = 1 Birdie Point


(1st Place) Nate Sexton had 41 Birdies for 41 Birdie Points (.50=$20.50) ($1=$41.00) ($5=$205.00)

(10th Place) Chris Dickerson had 26 Birdies for 26 Birdie Points (.50=$13.00) ($1=$26.00) ($5=$130.00)

Program updates and prize reveals will be available HERE on the Chains for Charity Facebook event page. Please invite and challenge friends to participate. 

Prizes will be added as they become realized and include: 

(10) Custom USDGC Collectors Disc with autograph of 2020 U.S. Champions (Top 10 Paid* Contributors)

(2) USDGC Innova DISCatcher Pro-28> Targets (Participants that correctly select Men's or Women's Birdie Point Champions [1 Target per event] ) (Tie-Breaker will be closest total to correct of winning scores. In case of multiple ties, random (drawing") from eligible pool of participants)

(2) ZUCA Carts (Runner-Up Prize for participant partnering with second highest Birdie Points on Men's or Women's event if only one participant chooses top Birdie Points Champion [1 Cart per event] ) (Tie-Breaker will be closest to total of winning scores. In case of multiple ties or multiple correct Birdie Points Champion picks, second cloest to total score or if same, random (drawing") from eligible pool of participants)

(1) USDGC Innova DISCatcher Pro-28> (Participant that correctly selects Player that wins USDGC) (Tie-Breaker will be closest to total of winning scores. In case of multiple ties, random (drawing") from eligible pool of participants)

[(Drawing") from all (paid*) Chains for Charity participants]                                                                               (1) USDGC Innova DISCtacher Pro-28> (1) ZUCA Cart (2) GRIP EQ Bags (5) USDGC Golf Discs

(1) USDGC Players package minus any customized items (Top paid* contributor)

(1) $200 cash bonus^ for USDGC / WNC Player with backing contributors that accumulates the most Birdie Points during the USDGC / WNC

(1) $200 cash bonus for USDGC / WNC Player whose likeness raises the most (paid*) contributions 

By registering for the Chains for Charity program, participants agree to follow through with payment within seven (7) days of being contacted and invoiced for their charitable contribution post USDGC / WNC event. This is a program of honor so please do not register if you do not intend to make your pledged charitable contribution. 

Paid* means Chains for Charity participant has fully paid their invoiced pledge amount via PayPal or Credit Card. 

Drawing" means that if more than one participant is eligible for a prize that a random drawing will determine that prize winner from pool of qualifying entrants.

Bonus^ USDGC / WNC players need to have backing contributor(s) to be eligible for Bonus. Ties for Birdie Points will be broke by 1) fewest holes with Bogey scores 2) most consecutive holes with Birdie Points 3) lowest score total on Hole 17

USDGC Pro-28> Only eligible USDGC targets determined by USDGC Directors will be available choices for winners and will include the game used top chain assembly, flag and cage with choice of standard pole and perm or protable base.


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