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Code Division Price Limit Players Status
MPO Pro Open $55.00 None 5 Closed
MP40 Pro Master 40+ $55.00 None 1 Closed
MP50 Pro Master 50+ $55.00 None 0 Closed
MP60 Pro Master 60+ $55.00 None 0 Closed
MP70 Pro Master 70+ $55.00 None 2 Closed
FPO Pro Open Women $55.00 None 0 Closed
FP40 Pro Master Women 40+ $55.00 None 0 Closed
FP50 Pro Master Women 50+ $55.00 None 0 Closed
MA1 Advanced $45.00 None 10 Closed
MA2 Intermediate $40.00 20 18 Closed
MA3 Recreational $30.00 20 18 Closed
MA40 Amateur Master 40+ $45.00 None 5 Closed
MA50 Amateur Master 50+ $45.00 None 7 Closed
MA60 Amateur Master 60+ $45.00 None 0 Closed
MA70 Amateur Master 70+ $45.00 None 0 Closed
FA1 Advanced Women $45.00 None 0 Closed
FA2 Intermediate Women $40.00 None 4 Closed
FA3 Recreational Women $30.00 None 3 Closed
FA40 Amateur Master Women 40+ $45.00 None 0 Closed
FA50 Amateur Master Women 50+ $45.00 None 1 Closed
MJ15 Junior <=15 $30.00 None 0 Closed
FJ15 Junior Girls <=15 $30.00 None 0 Closed

Event Details

PDGA C Tier & Southern National Sanctioned Event

Tournament Central:  TBA
Capping each pool at 72

2 Parks
Heymann Park
PA Davis Park, Lafayette

Pre Registration Only
Pool A (MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MA1, MA40)

1st Round PA Davis
2nd Round Heymann

Pool B (FP50,MA2, MA3, FA1,FA2, FA3, MA50, MA60, MA70. Juniors)

1st Round Heymann
2nd Round PA Davis
You can register online at:

Check In: 7 to 8:30
Players Meeting: 8:30
Tee Off: 9AM
One hour break for lunch, beginning when last card turns in scores.

Awards Ceremony immediately following 2nd Round

Ace Pot $5 optional

If an ace is not hit, 2 throws will be given for the ace pot throw off

Pro Divisions :$55
ADV Divisions: $45
Int Divisions: $40
Rec/Jr Divisions :$30

We are seeking sponsors for this event. please contact Rickey Way, Connie Grant Stewart,  or Johnathan Nyce


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