44th Waterloo Friday Doubles - OLSE Course

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Code Division Price Limit Teams Status
CUS1 Tee Time 9:00-9:30am $40.00 10 10 Closed
CUS2 Tee Time 9:45-10:15am $40.00 10 10 Closed
CUS3 Tee Time 10.30-11:00am $40.00 10 10 Closed
CUS4 Tee Time 11:15-11:45am $40.00 10 10 Closed
CUS5 Tee Time noon-12:30pm $40.00 8 8 Closed
CUS6 Tee Time 12:30-1:00pm $40.00 8 8 Closed
CUS7 Tee Time 1:15-1:45pm $40.00 10 10 Closed
CUS8 Tee Time 2:00-2:30pm $40.00 10 8 Closed
CUS9 Tee Time 2:45-3:15pm $40.00 10 10 Closed
CUS10 Tee Time 3:30-4:00pm $40.00 10 10 Closed
Waiting List $2.00 2 Open

Event Details

OLSE Course - Friday Doubles at 44th Waterloo

Drawing Winning Numbers

THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets in our big drawing!!!  Here are pics of the prize packs and winning ticket numbers.  We have also posted pics of these in the Pictures section of this page.  USE THIS LINK to get to them: https://events.discgolfunited.com/disc-golf-tournaments/settings/photo-album.cfm/tourn_id/10830

If you have any of these that you haven’t claimed yet, then the easiest thing to do is take a pic of the winning ticket(s) and post email it to the club at WaterlooDGC@gmail.com.  Once we have replied back that I’ve seen it, then you can discard the ticket(s) and not have to worry about keeping up with them; I will put your name on the prize pack.

To pick up your drawing prize(s), come down to MET CENTER THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 23rd.  Waterloo DGC will have a booth there for the Throwdown Showdown tournament (but Saturday only). 

If you just can’t make it to Met Center on Saturday, the next time the club will definitely have them out at an event and available would be Ice Bowl (the Saturday before the Super Bowl).


Sorry, but we had to make some corrections to the original files.  Here are the final results for:


Friday Doubles - OLSE Course Results

All prize amounts are Per Team (not per player)


Because a description field like this doesn’t handle stuff like results well, we have also posted pics of these in the Pictures section of this page.  USE THIS LINK to get to them: https://events.discgolfunited.com/disc-golf-tournaments/settings/photo-album.cfm/tourn_id/10830


44th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic                                                                                            

Friday Doubles, Oct. 15, 2021                                                                                               

OLSE Course

Division First Name 1       Last Name 1       First Name 2       Last Name 2       Score     Place               Payout

MPO      Michael Toner    Michael Laitala   40           1             $80

MPO      David     Garrison               Justin     Ashton  43           2             $60

MPO      Jorge     Garcia   Rick        Muniz    44           T3           $10

MPO      Erik        Lee         Daniel    Sweet    44           T3           $10

MPO      Ethan     Cole       Drew     Cole       44           T3           $10

MPO      Thomas Perks     Mark      Perks     44           T3           $10

MPO      David     Kinyon   Devin     Graham 46           7            

MPO      Dylan     Marez    Zach       Doggett               47           T8          

MPO      Rigo       Lopez    Raonel  Denova 47           T8          


MP40     Eric        Frye       Doug     Myers    43           T1           $60

MP40     Brandon               Elder      Garin     Wootton             43           T1           $60

MP40     Joel        Kelly       Chris      Lee         44           3             $40

MP40     Collins   Nance   Jery        Hink       45           4            

MP40     Matt      Kessler  John       Gold       46           T5          

MP40     Richard Harpel   Jarrod    Christopher         46           T5          

MP40     Daniel    Camarillo             Willie     Flores    47           7            

MP40     Mike      Sanchez Seth       Sanchez 52           8            


MP50     Chris      Sandman             Mike      Chesnut 45           1             $70

MP50     Marty    Cooper  Neal       Dambra 47           2             $30

MP50     Marky Mark        Dwyer   Jerry      Perez     48           3            

MP50     Steve     Owen    Bruce     Wilson   49           4            

MP50     John       Browder              Mike      Roy        54           5            


MP60     Ken        Shepperd             Dan        Mueller 44           1             $40

MP60     Mike      Harrell   Mark      McCrimmon        48           2            


MA1       Robert   Shields   Eric        Jackson 40           1             $140

MA1       Zack       Peckham              Charlie  Lockwood           43           2             $100

MA1       Jacob     Geesin   Trevor   Williamson          44           T3           $50

MA1       Barrett  O'Donnell            Chad      Pond      44           T3           $50

MA1       Michael Howlett Kaden    Sanders 45           T5           $20

MA1       Thao      Tang      Josh       Tolbert  45           T5           $20

MA1       Michael Hufschmid           Matt      Graves   45           T5           $20

MA1       Michael Gomez  Armando             Martinez Jr          45           T5           $20

MA1       Jack       Adams   Vic          Allen      45           T5           $20

MA1       Brandon               Cermak Nicholas              Keaveny               47           T10        $10

MA1       Jason     Erickson               Jesse      Erickson               47           T10        $10

MA1       Zach       Shockey               Juan       Lerma    48           T12       

MA1       Andrew Brown   Gunnar  Jacobson             48           T12       

MA1       Robert   Leslie     Josh       Broadbent           48           T12       

MA1       Andy      Brown   Luke       Malone 48           T12       

MA1       Jon         Brantley               Matthew             Carson  49           16          

MA1       Robert   Strong   Jose       Tamez   50           T17       

MA1       Brandon               Riley      Jesse      Garza     50           T17       

MA1       Aaron    Woodard             David     Dickhens              51           T19       

MA1       Michael Dudgeon              Micah    Caldwell               51           T19       

MA1       Arthur    Martinez              Armando             Martinez III         51           T19       

MA1       Tyler      Davis     Travis    Davis     53           22          

MA1       James    McNair  Bert       Schutza 55           23          


MA40    Jason     Carter    Matt      Papa      44           1             $80

MA40    Don        Vansandt             Matt      Burton   46           2             $40

MA40    Lou        Moreno Josh       Rippie    47           3            

MA40    Justin     Stinnett Art          Mendoza             48           4            

MA40    Evan      Peter     BZ           Strick     49           5            

MA40    Rob        Pulley    Mark      Biddle    55           6            


MA50    Brian      Litke      Traye     Dean      48           1             $80

MA50    Todd      Moore   Noel      Hooker  49           T2           $30

MA50    Kevin     Moran   Jack       Bray       49           T2           $30

MA50    Mark      Wilson   Tim        Escobedo            50           T4           $10

MA50    Glenn     Hardesty              Andy      Smith     50           T4           $10

MA50    Steve     Loeschen             Bill          Engle     52           6            

MA50    John       Jordan   Mark      Dollinger              54           7            

MA50    Christopher         Buitron  William Holleman             56           8            


MA60    Sheldon Parker   Sam       Peterson              47           1             $60

MA60    Bob        Breeze   Paul       Havens  50           2            

MA60    Lynn       McNabb               Glenn     Whitehead          53           3            


MA70    Peter     Mears    Lou        Rigler     57           4             $20


MA2       Noel      Talavera              Zaul        Talavera              42           1             $80

MA2       Clinton  Dixon     Andrew Phinney 43           T2           $40

MA2       Bo          Roth      Ethan     Bailey    43           T2           $40

MA2       Steven   Bosiljevac            Dalon    Stone     46           T4           $20

MA2       Scott      Allen      Luke       Allen      46           T4           $20

MA2       Mike      Pucci      Blake     Moran   47           6            

MA2       Travis    McNair  Austin    McNair  48           T7          

MA2       Dennis   Gill         Tannee  McCantney         48           T7          

MA2       Max       Douglass              Steven   Anderson             49           9            

MA2       Bill          Peckham              Roy        Mata     54           10          


MA3       Janek     Lehr       Nick       Blazier   48           T1           $55

MA3       Chaz      Armijo   Anthony               Nates    48           T1           $55

MA3       Donald  Jarvis     Andrew Cuzco    49           T3           $30

MA3       Josh       Armour Henry    Hogensen            49           T3           $30

MA3       Nick       Lutte      Angel     Arellano               49           T3           $30

MA3       Andy      Byrd       Randall  Beatty   50           6            

MA3       Tom       Rosen    Willie     Christ     51           7            

MA3       Eric        Rivers    Kade      Rivers    52           8            

MA3       Utah      Clopton James    Dennehy              54           9            

MA3       David     Saniti     Albert    Lopez    55           10          


FA3        Aletha   Laterza  Cadence              Laterza  63           1             $30


Mixed    Stephanie            Vincent Mike      Toner    43           1             $80

Mixed    Kyle        Jones     Judy       Foster    44           2             $50

Mixed    Edman   Coffey   Laura     Coffey   46           3             $30

Mixed    BZ           Strick     Kiki         Womac 48           4            

Mixed    Jonathan             Gardner Kim        Sabo      53           5            

Mixed    Ellen      Sutton   Martin   Pierce    55           6            

Mixed    Cayce    Rivers    Gerry     O'Reilly 56           7            

Mixed    Betty     Anestet Alena     Anestet 58           8            


No Aces               $376 ace pot added to the fundraising                                   

Here is the link to the 44th Waterloo Player Meeting Document, please download it to your phone, along with the course map and course rules (links are in the document), so you have it with you all weekend.
Even if you are only playing doubles, there is important info there like parking, how to find your tee time, when to arrive, how to find results, etc.

One thing I left off the player meeting document is a long-standing issue out there, something the city asked us to do years ago when we first moved the tournament to Hancock:

Please, no cleats of any kind.  Not pointy, not blunt, just no cleats.  We have potential to tear things up too much as it is, especially when things are wet.  So let’s not make it worse with cleats.




All of us here at Waterloo Disc Golf Club would like to thank our staff, our hosts, and our wonderful players for keeping this historic tournament alive and kicking.



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