2021 College Disc Golf National Championship

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Code Division Price Limit Teams Status
CUS1 Championship Flight / First Flight $200.00 84 76 Closed
CUS2 Women's Championship Flight $200.00 22 7 Closed
CUS3 Second Flight $200.00 44 38 Closed
CUS4 Women's Flight - Solo Player $100.00 10 2 Closed

Event Details


  • February 1st
    • Register one team per SCHOOL in Championship Flight / First Flight field (to allow as many teams to register as possible) 
    • Register multiple teams in the Womens Flight if you like 
    • Register multiple teams in the Second Flight if you like 
  • February 8th (12pm EST)
    • Register additional teams* 

*A maximum of three teams per school may register for the First Flight/Championship Division. After the first round of play, the top 36 teams, including a maximum of two teams from each school, will compete for the National Championship all other teams will compete for the First Flight Championship.


  • Doubles 
    • Captains Choice - both players play from the best lie on each shot.  
    • Best Disc - each player plays their own lie on each shot and the better of the two scores is recorded on each hole.  
  • Singles 
    • Traditional singles scoring 

Note that graduating seniors from last season are still eligible to compete in this year's National Championship. 



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