Northwestern "Grip it and Rip it" Doubles Disc Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Advanced Adult 8 Team s

Team Name PDGA # City State Country
Who Said "nice"?!? - Chin, Arrwood Charlotte NC USA
Duvall Par-tay - Duvall, Duvall Rock Hill SC USA
Building3 Boys - Duvall, Neal Rock Hill USA
Scorched Earth - Harrell, Carothers 29836 Rock Hill SC USA
SAND Storm - Nicholson, Duvall 33589 Rock Hill SC USA
Sons Of Peter - Peterson, Peterson Concord NC USA
Southern Aces - Southern, Southern 28595 29732 SC USA
Not A Day Younger - Young, Day 176218 Rock Hill SC USA

Intermediate Adult 11 Team s

Team Name PDGA # City State Country
Carol Baskets - Brooks, Alexander 155173 Rock hill SC USA
Crawford Kickers - Crawford, Crawford Rock Hill SC USA
Pacquiao Vs McGregor - Falcon, Crawford 121971 ROCK HILL SC USA
Intermediaries - Fasick, Gozur Rock Hill SC USA
FLUKE Deuces - Flowers, Flowers 164863 Rock hill SC USA
Gnarly Gnomes - Haile, Haile Rock Hill SC USA
Birdie Bro’s - Hamrick, Laurencin Rock Hill SC USA
Scramble Gang - Jewell, Vanwert Rockhill SC USA
Crispy Bois - Lee, Norwood Rock Hill SC USA
McClellan - McClellan, McClellan Rock Hill SC USA
Huck Norris - Youmans, Adams 114722 Rock Hill SC USA

Beginner Adult 7 Team s

Team Name PDGA # City State Country
Bash Brothers - Barbery, Levy Rock Hill SC USA
2 Putts And Bogey - Byrd, Stahl 152907 Rock Hill SC USA
Win Some Lose Some - Hoover, Amentler 148809 Rock hill SC USA
Finding Trees - Kidd, Shirley York SC USA
Team Hair - McCrorey, Mitchell 160545 Richburg SC USA
Thunder & Lightning - Steele, Steele Lancaster SC USA
The Discie Chicks - Young, Flowers Rock Hill SC USA

Student intermediate 1 Team s

Team Name PDGA # City State Country
The Italians Stallions - Notarangelo, Notarangelo Rock Hill SC USA


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