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Name PDGA From Division Date/Time Signed Up Status
Anthony Passannante 127338 Wichita, KS MA3 21 July, 2020 2:34PM Est Registered
Branden Rusk 47144 Wellington, KS MA1 24 July, 2020 11:52AM Est Registered
Cord Whiteker Rose Hill, KS MA2 24 July, 2020 12:16PM Est Registered
Craig Voigt Wichita, KS MA50 27 July, 2020 12:18PM Est Registered
Cody Deal 136837 Wichita, KS MA2 30 July, 2020 1:33PM Est Registered
Matthew Hall Wichita, KS MA3 07 August, 2020 11:14AM Est Expired
Mike Warrington 10434 Andover, KS MP40 09 August, 2020 9:29PM Est Registered
Erik Carter Wichita, MA3 14 August, 2020 7:23AM Est Waiting
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