3rd Annual Hopkinsville Open @ Trail of Tears DGC PDGA Event Page

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Name PDGA From Division Date/Time Signed Up Status
Ray Knight 86563 Nashville, TN MA50 13 July, 2020 10:08AM Est Registered
Skyler Hibbs 116760 Madisonville, KY MPO 13 July, 2020 2:11PM Est Registered
Michael Griffin 49396 Madisonville, KY MA2 13 July, 2020 2:41PM Est Registered
Colin Wise Louisville, KY MPO 13 July, 2020 3:22PM Est Declined
Shane Harris 80514 Paducah, KY MA40 13 July, 2020 9:51PM Est Registered
Codi Durbin Bowling green, KY MA1 15 July, 2020 9:42AM Est Registered
Lee Upton Owensboro, KY MA3 15 July, 2020 2:05PM Est Registered
Miguel Castro 49489 Bowling Green, KY MPO 16 July, 2020 10:58AM Est Registered
John Gurule Indian mound, TN MA3 18 July, 2020 7:33AM Est Registered
Ryan Vermillion 45526 Cadiz, KY MPO 21 July, 2020 7:06PM Est Registered
Joe Rose 72267 Madisonville, KY MA2 21 July, 2020 9:21PM Est Registered
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