The Horizons Championship 2020 Driven By Innova PDGA Event Page

Waiting List Closed

Name PDGA From Division Date/Time Signed Up Status
Cameron Rhodes 132892 Mocksville, NC MA2 21 July, 2020 12:28PM Est Registered
KinnaKaye Kinnaird Collinsville, VA FA1 22 July, 2020 10:32AM Est Expired
Thomas Basini 61301 Asheville, NC MA1 25 July, 2020 7:23PM Est Registered
Patrick Osborne Raleigh, NC MA2 27 July, 2020 12:17PM Est Expired
Ben Osborne 46381 Kernersville, NC MA1 27 July, 2020 3:25PM Est Registered
Ryan Perkins Pinnacle, NC MA1 28 July, 2020 8:37PM Est Expired
Justin Saxon Pinnacle, NC MA1 28 July, 2020 8:39PM Est Declined
Zachary Bivens 123664 Lexington, NC MA2 28 July, 2020 11:06PM Est Registered
Brent K. Price 126419 Kernersville, NC MA2 29 July, 2020 10:14PM Est Registered
Junior Thomas GREENSBORO, NC MA4 30 July, 2020 7:42AM Est Registered
John Hall Mocksville, NC MA2 30 July, 2020 9:56AM Est Declined
Travis Dixon 104010 King, NC MA1 07 August, 2020 8:58PM Est Registered
Joshua Brendle 113937 Tobaccoville, NC MA4 08 August, 2020 6:52PM Est Registered
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