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Refusal of Service
We reserve the right to deny, suspend, or cancel any membership related service, benefit, or privilege to any individual or organization for any reason, at any time. In such case, we will provide a notice of severance and a prorated refund for any unused prepaid services or subscriptions within 60 days, if applicable. A refund may be denied if it should it be determined that there was any deception, negligence, or abuse on the part of the subscriber in the operation of or during participation in any DGU service, subscription, or event.
Code of Conduct
If you create, administrate, assist, or participate in an online event, league, or other website service, you agree to operate in a fair, professional, honest manner in accordance with DGU guidelines and all applicable laws.
Release of Liability
You assume all risks associated with the use of our website and services and thereby agree to hold blameless all users, subscribers, contractors, organizers, promoters, course owners, employees or volunteers affiliated in any way with DGU from any physical, emotional or financial injuries sustained or created by your operation of or participation in any DGU service, subscription, or event. This website may contain hyperlinks to other websites operated by third parties. DGU does not control, nor is responsible for their content, privacy policies, or the
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Content Management
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Content Ownership
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